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Health and wellness coaching offers support and accountability to help you follow through to find the ENERGY you've been striving for so you can get out there and LIVE YOUR LIFE! What are you waiting for? 


Do you constantly feel exhausted? Do feel like you want to get out and do things, like you want to eat well and exercise, but you're just too stinkin' tired? Feel like you know you could be healthier, could lose weight, but not sure how to get there? Is stress stressing you out? Or do you start some health plan every couple months but can't stay motivated? If so, you're in the right spot.  

Being healthy needs to be fun and sustainable! It also needs to fit into a busy lifestyle. In my coaching work with clients, we work to make sustainable changes that fit into your lifestyle. You're encouraged to try new things, and to approach each new change as an adventure.  All it takes is a willingness to try new things, and a commitment to exploring the possibility that you CAN be your best self.

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About Me

Hi I'm Emily Stieber, certified Health and Wellness Coach. Thanks for visiting my site: I'm excited to support you on your wellness adventure! But how did I get here?

A few years ago, I had to leave a job I loved and I began working as the front desk manager at a small non-profit organization. While this work was easy, my mind wasn’t engaged: I felt like I wasn’t living to my highest potential.  So I started to eat...a lot more than I needed to be. I would go to the corner store every day at lunch and get giant bags of M&Ms, or three candy bars, or an entire tub of frosting, and it would be gone by the time I went home. I would eat whole pizzas for dinner. I felt sluggish, tired and uninspired. While there were still things in my life I enjoyed, I couldn’t shake that blah feeling, and I couldn’t stop eating huge amounts of crappy food. Despite continuing to exercise everyday, I gained 15 lbs in a year and was secretly miserable.

Everything changed, oddly, when my wallet got stolen (weird turning point, I know!). It was the last straw of annoyance on the pile…I already was bored out of my mind at my job, loathed the new weight on my body and this felt like just too much to deal with. Something had to change, so I impulsively signed up for health coaching classes. No matter that I was pretty close to broke; I have always had an interest in health and wellness and decided to change everything. Lifestyle. Career. My general outlook on life. Going through a 90 day transformational coaching program gave me the accountability and resources to follow through and reach for what I wanted: a healthy body, a career where I could not only help others, but stay mentally on my toes, and the flexibility to add some serendipity to my life.

A free spirit who currently calls New Orleans home, I've had many different jobs in my life. I've volunteered for years at a time, made perfect lattes, done residential construction, cleaned salmon, and worked for years in the non-profit sector. I have taught aerobics and currently teach yoga. I love traveling, reading, learning, glitter, exploring and adventures. Working as a health coach allows me to help others make positive changes and keep some flexibility in my own life.

I am honored and thrilled to help people change their lives and bodies for the better. I can't wait to adventure together!

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