30 ideas to get moving!

Emily here to help you get moving! 

But first, why am I talking about movement?

Sometimes the word “exercise” sounds like work, so I like to call it “movement” instead.


What is movement?

It’s any activity that’s fun for you and gets your body moving!

Your body is made to move.

Therefore, movement is actually a type of fuel for your body, just like food.

It stimulates and generates energy and good moods, plus it’s a fun way to get outside and connect with old and new friends. 

It doesn't have to be something like going to the gym and standing on an elliptical for 30 minutes. Movement can be as fun as playing mini-golf with your family or friends: you're not sitting around, you're moving around!

30 Out-Of-The-Box Movement Ideas

1.      Hula hooping

2.      Zumba

3.      Nia

4.      Skateboarding

5.      Rock climbing

6.      Surfing

7.      Silks/acrobatics/circus arts

8.      Trampoline jumping

9.      Frisbee

10.  Archery

11.  Fencing

12.  Karate

13.  Capoeira

14.  Jazzercise

15.  Cardio Barre

16.  Vinyasa Yoga

17.  Pilates

18.  Acroyoga

19.  Golf

20.  Soccer

21. Kayaking/canoeing

22.  Basketball

23.  Hiking

24.  Swimming

25.  Rollerblading/rollerskating

26.  Jump rope

27. Tennis

28. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

29. Bike riding

30. Pickleball

How do I choose my movement activity and add it to my day?

What movement did you love to do as a kid? Roller skate? Hula hoop? Golf?

Choose a type of movement that you loved but don’t seem to do anymore - you’ll feel like a kid again!

Add this movement to your day by starting with a regular 10 minute appointment - for you the might be first thing in the morning, or at lunch, or after work.

And remember to add movement to your free time. Are you a big movie watcher? Walk or bike to the movie theater, or instead of catching that Saturday matinee, rent kayaks and cruise the water.  

What do I do now?

Need help staying accountable to moving regularly? So do most of my clients, so you’re in good company! Click here now to schedule a time to talk with me so I can help you find the right kind of movement for you—and to stick to your decision to move every day.

To your health!

Emily Stieber