How to not overstuff at those summer BBQs!


Emily here with 7 tips for the upcoming 4th of July weekend! 

If your summer holidays and weekend grill outs are anything like mine, they're full of lots of food: grilled meats, potato chips, sweet treats and Grandma's potato salad. The temptation to munch all day is everywhere. Check out these 7 tips to help you stop overeating at your summer get togethers.  

1) Make a “short list” of treats - pick just one or two sweet treats ahead of time rather than sampling them all. Know your sister is bringing peach pie and you're dying for a slice? Have a slice and leave the package of store bought cookies alone.

2) “Pre-game” before heading to a party or gathering - Before heading to a day at the beach or evening cook out, get ready to go, and then, within an hour of leaving, munch on a snack. Make sure this snack contains both fiber and protein: these both help slow the absorption of sugar and curb your appetite, decreasing the likelihood that you’ll eat too much of the cheese plate at the party. Snack ideas: grape tomatoes and mozzarella pearls sprinkled with basil, turkey slices with a high fiber cracker, an apple with peanut butter, cottage cheese with raspberries and flax seeds.  

3) Do a party lap first thing- When you show up at your gathering, survey the whole party: the food, drinks, the people, the decorations, before touching any snacks. Say your hellos to friends and relatives, and make a note of which foods look especially interesting to you. When you do grab a plate, take a small amount of all the foods that look yummy and eat them slowly while sitting with friends. 

4) Don’t walk around empty handed - start taking tons of photos, hold a bottle of water, offer to refill other’s plates or drinks, carry a clutch handbag, offer to carry the baby at the party, be grandma’s arm to lean on. If your hands are occupied, you have one less hand to be holding a plate of food. 

5) Appreciate what really matters-take time to appreciate the non-food related activities you love about this time of year. Watching the sunset, goofing around in the water with the kids, building sandcastles, playing yard games with friends.

6) Take a walk - Go alone or with buddy. Even just a 15 min stroll around the block after you eat will clear your mind and pump that heart rate.

7)Hydrate. Seriously.- It's summer. It's hot, especially if you're grilling! Make sure you stay hydrated (with water, not booze!). You'll feel fuller, and holding a glass of H2O makes it harder to munch potato chips. 

To your health!


Emily Stieber