It's been a while...

Well…it’s been a minute, hasn’t it Adventurers?

In my last post, I mentioned that I had gotten hired for a full time job and had taken it to alleviate my money stress. And it did that! I’m not super stressed about money anymore! Yay!

But, my ambitious plan to still work on my health coaching business hasn’t worked out quite as well over the past year…so many times I would get home from work and instead of sharing how I continue to incorporate holistic health ideas into my own 9 - 5, I would snuggle on the couch and watch movies, or meet up with friends for happy hour, or play card games with my partner or go to a yoga class (or be teaching a yoga class), or work on my stained glass projects. Or plan an amazing adventure in Peru that I was lucky enough to go on a month ago (hence the alpaca picture!).

And, while I still get to help people at my current job working with volunteers at a non-profit, I’ve definitely missed the connection with my clients. I’ve missed watching people grow and encouraging that growth.

So, I’ve made the commitment to share something at least once a month here and on social media, and to do one other thing a month to work towards growing my coaching business. It’s an attainable goal for sure…and one that will set me back on a path towards something I love while allowing me to retain some sanity.

If you’re looking to increase your health, or work on some personal wellness goals, I’d love to help you out on that journey and share a little bit of what I’ve learned on mine. I’m here if you need it.

To your heath,


Emily Stieber