What is a Health Coach? 

One of the most common questions health coaches get asked is, "What is a health coach?". Let's discuss! In my practice, I view health coaching and wellness coaching as the same thing: a system of accountability, support and knowledge between you and your coach helping you reach your health goals, lose weight, or manage/prevent chronic conditions in a manageable way. In my practice, I strive to make working together fun and enjoyable, showing you that being healthy doesn't have to be boring, and you do get to have the energy to live your life in a big way. Want to learn a bit more? See below-

Open Communication

A health coach is someone who has longer to spend with you than the 15 minutes you get with the doctor in the doctor's office each year. We discuss any health issues and take a look at possible root causes, creating action steps to deal with them in a natural, holistic manner. I observe 100% confidentiality with all of my clients. 


A health and wellness coach supports you to have the body and energy level you want and the healthy lifestyle that supports it. I work with my clients to take manageable steps towards their goals. By sharing health and wellness knowledge, creating accountability through weekly check ins, being a source of encouragement, and helping you set reachable goals, we bring you closer to the you that you envision.

Follow through

How many of us know what do do, but don't do it? A health coach makes it easy to follow through with what you know you should be doing. I work with my clients to come up with new solutions to make following through inevitable.