March update. Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Stress.

Hey friends.

Happy end of March. Can you believe it? I can’t.

And here’s a little dose of  honesty from my life and my own health journey. March has been hard. It’s been stressful at my non-profit job, and I’ve been feeling really stuck in my health coaching practice. I’m feeling like I don’t know what to do next, not sure how to reach my future clients and feeling super broke. I’ve been doubting myself and my abilities.

And because I’m human too, I’ve been eating a lot of crappy food, trying to deal with stress and feeling stressed and depressed. I ate three “sharing” size bags of peanut butter M&M’s myself in one week. No sharing involved.  

Have you ever felt this way? Fed up, depressed, stressed, downright exhausted? Like nothing that you’re doing is enough? Well, you’re not alone. Know that.

A friend asked me last week what is the positive that I’m taking from this experience of feeling down on myself, what can I learn. I had a hard time answering. Then I took some time off. Some time to just sit under a tree, meditate and read a book. To not think about the things that were stressing me out. Some time to not talk to anyone.

Now, while that didn’t cause me to have the magnificent breakthrough that I wanted, it did allow my mindset to shift out of that darker place. It allowed a little more peace to come in.

My hope for you, if you’re feeling this way, is that you take time to tune in. Tune into yourself. Turn off the overwhelm, turn off the stress, just for a little while. Just be.

Doing this probably won’t solve all your problems. But it will make your journey more enjoyable, and that’s half the battle!

Please share! I would love to hear what insights or benefits you gain from taking a few moments, minutes, or hours just for you this week.

To your health,


Emily Stieber