February! Three Health Adventures! Whew!

Hello Adventurers!

Thought I’d take a moment and fill you in on the Health Adventures I’ve been on in February! The plan going forward is to  update after each “health adventure” going forward, so at least once a month.

Three Health Adventures this month!

First, I went on a nice hike at Comite River Trail up in Baton Rouge. Lot’s of crazy, winding trails, even some *gasp* hills! I love hiking. The peacefulness of nature, hugging trees, walking and talking with someone you love, or enjoying the stillness alone. I always have trouble finding hiking spots around New Orleans, so was glad to find this one…if you know of any, please share!

Second, I tried a work-out at Orangetheory Fitness. And boy did I sweat! The workout transitions from running or walking on treadmills, to rowing machines, to strength exercises. The coach (instructor) let’s you know what activity you’ll be doing and when to switch. For example, run full out for 30 seconds, then walk for a minute, or alternate between 12 push-ups and 12 crunches on an exercise ball. It lasts an hour, and you wear a heart rate monitor. Everyone’s heart rate “zone” is up on a screen. The zones are different colors based on intensity…and orange is the highest.

The “theory” in Orangetheory, is that over the course of your workout, if you spend 12 minutes  in the orange heart rate zone, you’ll continue to burn calories at the optimal rate throughout the whole day.  They have a free first-class trial, so if you’re interested, and several locations in New Orleans, and many around the country. It was an intense workout, and I, personally, really enjoyed it! The down-sides are that you have to either purchase or rent your own heart rate monitor if you go on a regular basis, and that it is a bit pricey if you are on a budget.

Third, I joined my clients in the Post-Mardi Gras Detox Cleanse! We’ve been taking out gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and a few other inflammation causing foods from our diets. And just taking time to relax, reset and be mindful. We’ve all been feeling more energy and a little less of the “blah” feeling.

If you want to feel that way too, I offer the same program for individuals or small groups. Check out the info on my programs page or email me with questions from the contacts page!

Hope you all had a most excellent February…mine was one for the books! Between Mardi Gras, running the group cleanse, and hosting my best friend’s bachelorette party (complete with a safari at the global wildlife center, dancing and a scavenger hunt), it’s been hard to find a moment to breathe!

But I’m breathing now and getting ready to cook up some new adventures for you for March, starting with trying out a FitBIt for a couple weeks…we’ll see how counting steps goes!

If you’re ready to start your own health adventure or are just curious about how a health coach can help you get more energy to live more life, click here to schedule an Energy Transformation Discovery Session, completely free.

To your health and to adventures,


Emily Stieber