My Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods

Hey Adventurers! With so many things going on lately, it's hard not to feel tired sometimes. Thought I’d share my top 10 Energy boosting foods...things I actually eat on a weekly basis that make me feel energized and ready to keep taking on, or start taking on, my day.

-Leafy Greens- My favorites are spinach and kale. Not only do they fill you up and give you energy, but they’re full of vitamins and minerals...including iron. Iron is super important: low iron levels (anemia) can leave you feeling chronically exhausted.

-Apples and bananas- These fruits fill you up and give you a boost of natural sugar that is absorbed nice and slow, avoiding that sugar roller coaster, not to mention a nice batch of fiber!

-Black Beans- any bean will do, but I love black beans. Beans are full of protein...and they help to stabilize your blood sugar, keeping those energy levels up. And you can eat them at any meal...with eggs or avocado at breakfast, in salads at lunch, over your favorite grain at dinner. I’m always buying tons of them when they’re on sale.

-Nuts and seeds- Another protein packed food, and great for snacks! There is a really great pre-mixed trail mix at the local grocery store that is sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts and raisins. So simple, yet delish.

-Full Fat Greek Yogurt - yummy...protein filled, with probiotics to boost your gut biome and fat to make you feel full and keep you energized. I either eat it plain (with a little honey drizzled over), or use it instead of cheese or sour cream on my aforementioned black beans!

-Eggs- hard-boiled for a snack, or scrambled for breakfast are my favorite ways. These little guys bring protein to the table.

-Carrots with hummus- a great snack for when you want a crunch...vitamins in the carrots and protein in the hummus. Yum!

-Sweet Potatoes - Grab a spiralizer and make your own baked sweet potato fries (use olive oil!)! Or roast them up with some other veggies. This sweet treat fills you up and keeps you going all afternoon.

-Berries - blueberries, raspberries, blackberries...these little guys have tons of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Like apples and bananas, they have that natural sugar that gets released nice and slow, preventing that blood sugar roller coaster. In smoothies, in oatmeal, or fresh berries mixed with almonds or walnuts. Yum!

-Ginger - I love a cup of fresh ginger tea, and love ginger in curry or other recipes. Ginger boosts your circulation and opens your airways, allowing more oxygen to get into your blood and into your brain...instant energy boost!

What are your favorite energy boosting foods? Share in the comments!

To your health,