Hello Friends!

Happy New Year! So, as I've been pondering the direction of my coaching practice, I realized that the name didn't excite me and wasn't what I wanted this health journey to be all about. I coach my clients to help them gain more energy and lose the brain fog, so that they can feel excited to get up, get out, and experience life. 

Emerge Health and Wellness, while I like that name, wasn't quite conveying that for me. So now, we're Adventures in Healthy Living. It's not just about food, not just about exercise, not just about mental health. It's everything that goes into making life happy and healthy. 

In coaching sessions, we'll focus more on what new or exciting things you can do or accomplish (or would like to do in the future) with all the energy you're gaining. In the blog/on facebook/insta, i'll focus on my own health adventures. I'll be trying new foods, new ways of eating, new exercise programs, new spiritual practices, and telling you my feelings about them. 

Please join us for this adventure! 

Hugs and health,


Emily Stieber